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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well, we are in our first HOUSE!!!! I guess not really in but working on it and spending lots of time in it! We closed on Wednesday and we have been there every waking moment since we got it. We are having so much fun working on the place, making some decisions and plans for what we want to do and change and spending some time with there with friends already!

Walking into our house for the first time! 2 1/2 years married and 19 weeks pregnant!

Pete loves our front porch!

First time cooking (notice the "oven mitt")

Our first guests! Started out BBQing on the deck and then moved inside when it rained!

Wall pre-demo!

Pulling up the lovely shag carpet

Chris built us our first fire (if anyone asks, he started it without paper and only one match!)

Brett checking out the kitchen

living room before we pulled up the carpet (disgusting)

Just cleaning up and checking the place out! Notice the face mask-- the place stunk before we ripped the carpets out. The wall with the picture is the one that came down.

Job update:
carpets are out
almost all the nails and staples are out of the hardwood floors
wall is down
some things have been purchased/borrowed to try out (trim, tiles, floor samples, lighting)
we had our first bbq on the deck
we made a fire and the house did not get smoked out or burn down!
insulation and some walls have been removed so we can replace them
new windows and a sliding door have been purchased!!!!!!!!!!!! (double thumbs up)

Up next:
mark out location of all our new interior lights
pick out paint
prime all the walls with Kilz
sand and refinish the hardwood floors
update the electrical sockets
remove all cabinets and get an estimate to get them refinished
whatever else is on Brett's list!!!!

Thanks for all our support and labor help so far! Everyone has been so great and helpful already! I love and need design ideas so please send them our way!!!

Brett and Kate from the BK Lounge 2


Linnea said...

Congrats on your house! That is so exciting. We bought a new place too about a month ago. Your picture with the mask on a ripping carpets reminds us of our condo. It was disgusting when we bought it and we had to do the same thing!

- said...

So stoked for you guys! Must have missed the news that you were expecting! Whahoo!