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Friday, June 17, 2011

Today is 19 weeks! We had our big halfway appointment yesterday and the Dr and ultrasound tech says that everything checked out fine and the baby looks healthy! We were very happy to hear the news! We were also thankful they didn't slip the gender! We do not want to find out and a slip would have been a bummer! We got to see the little peanut and they printed out lots of pictures for us which was fun but I still have not felt any kicks. Well, at least not that I know of. I guess I am not really sure what I am feeling for... Hopefully there will be more movement to come! However, the little one was moving in the ultrasound plenty so that was fun to see!

19 weeks today!

Brett had his first interview at TG yesterday and he felt like it went really well!!! Everyone was really nice, he got a tour of the ICU floor and met some other nurses! Hopefully he gets the job because it is exactly what he wants!
We closed on our house Wednesday and we have been working away over there every free minute we have!! Our families have already been a huge help and the work is coming right along! I will post pictures soon!!

Hope everyone is well!

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Nicole said...

yay! i want to see ultrasound pics of the babe's sweet little face!