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Monday, June 27, 2011

I wish I had more to update on but really all we have been doing is working on the house. Brett has spent everyday over there getting so much done!!! I often feel bad because I cannot be there as much as he can, we do need some income after all, so I have been spending my days workings and my evening working again, but at the house! I have been helping out at any job that will take me. I have been at the dental office, watching my niece, Violet, and working a few shifts at the market. The variety is really nice. I just have to remember what time to get up depending on which job I need to be at. Lets hope I don't mix it up one day!

I am 20 weeks and few days along and all seems to be going well! We had our big ultrasound and the baby was healthy and hopefully happy. We looked away when the tech was in "that" area because we really honestly do not want to know the gender. So, a surprise it will stay!

Here are some pictures of the little peanut.

18 weeks 6 days

covering the face with it's little fists but 3D images sure are cool!

20 weeks 2 days-- starting to pop a little!

My sister gave me A LOT of clothes and these are all 6 months and younger! No need for shopping here!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks to everyone who has helped on the house so far and come by the visit us! We love being around family and friends finally!


Nicole said...

oh i love that precious little babe already! such sweet pictures! so excited to see you and that teeny belly tomorrow :)

Kisma said...

You look awesome!!!! Glad to hear things are moving along as planned.
We were in your area a few weeks ago. Though of you as we boarded the ship and stared at Seattle.