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Friday, July 29, 2011

I bit of a personal update!!!!

I cut 11 inches off my wild head of hair yesterday! So far, I am loving the change and "weight loss!"

Here's how it turned out! Drastic but so much fun!

I am 25 weeks pregnant today! Here's the baby bump! We are headed to Lake Chelan tomorrow so we will see how the bikini situation goes!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The latest updates from our lives and house!

We went to a concert with Chris and Kelly Teitzel at the Vancouver amplitheatre! Thanks for the VIP tickets!

Brett refinished our hardwood floors and put up cute trim!

While in Vancouver, Brett and Chris got into some of Kelly's sheriff uniforms!

One of the new windows!!! This was our best invesment!

My girlfriend Emily visited from Denver and we got to have dinner downtown one night! It was beautiful!

Some of the hardware on the cabinets and the cute green cabinets Brett created for me!

I love working at the market with all the fresh ingredients! This is fresh cut lavendar from Sequim! Can you spot the bumble bee enjoying the nectar!?!?

Visiting Nicole and Baby Jake with ELizabeth one night!! This made me excited for ours!!!!

The granite I picked out for our kitchen! Alaska White!

We chose these retro floors for our laundry room, small bathroom and kitchen! It turned out sooooooo cute!

Thanks for stopping by to check in on us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Pictures Updated!

Here are some of the things Brett has accomplished lately! He is seriously incrediable considering we have only had the house for a little over 3 weeks!

The view from our deck! I love this view!

Brett's cute little truck and our front porch!

Starting to complete some accents in the kitchen! I am so excited for open cabinets!

Bedroom color and sanded hardwood floors

Our living room color and sanded floors

Brett did an awesome job sanding, cleaning, sealing and finishing our hardwood floors! Plus, he saved us loads of money!

Kitchen with some hardware added to the drawers.

Stay tuned. Next is new windows, floors in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Finishing the kitchen by hanging the cabinets, adding some lighting and hardware. We, I really should say Brett because I am not a ton of help being at work all day, still have trim to put up, doors to put back in the rooms and accents to add! Let's not forget about a new counter top and some hardware for towels and such! Should be a fun couple of week!

A bit more information!
I am about 22 and half weeks pregnant so only 17 left! It feels like it is going fairly fast which is good and bad. I want to meet this little life we are creating but I also want to get everything ready before he or she makes his arrival! I just had an appt and all is well with the babe! The Dr.'s appts are pretty boring but it is good to have a chance to chat with the Dr and ask any questions we might have.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We have made LOTS of progress on the house thanks to Brett working there all hours of the day and our families helping out so much! Here are some pictures of it lately!

Brand new all white kitchen!

our main bathroom

testing paint colors

little utility bathroom (needs new sink and light fixture)

laundry room cabinets

Brett working on the hallway! notice the cute school house lights!

fireplace in progress!

Floors are next! More photos to come, so stay tuned...