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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Future Nurse?!?!

Trevi was having a great time playing with Daddy and his stethoscope this morning!

 checking daddy's heart 

 listening to Trevi's heart!

not sure if there is a heart beat back there ... ;)

Words to Live By

I have this specific pin board on Pinterest called "Words to Live By" and while I have found a few things I really like and want to be able to refer back to later (the whole point of Pinterest) this list is by far my favorite comprehensive list of how to live life! If we all followed these small little life rules the world would be a much better place! I like this list because it reminds me to be compassionate, smart, outgoing yet appropriate, bold yet humble and courteous of others!  I will definitely be sharing these lessons with Trevi and Brett. :) Be sure to read even if it seems a little long.  It will only take a minute plus it's worth it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Visitor!

Trevi is borrowing her cousin's guinea pig, Sammy and let me tell you... she is in love with little Sammy!  She feeds him, holds him, pushes him around and cannot go to bed without saying goodnight!    The best kind of pet is a borrowed one!

 saying good night!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lake Chelan Camping

We got another chance to go to Lake Chelan and that is a trip I never turn down! So, we went camping with some friends and another little girl! It was a relaxing and fun trip with the kids and parents! Sun, sand, beach, ice cream, friends and a tent! Life is good!

trying out Emma's goggles

 lunch with daddy!

 eggs over a camping grill just taste better!

 wearing Daddy's hat!

 sharing with her dad! He did make it for her after all!

 silly two

 listening intently to dad!

 mom's hat now!

 daddy daughter love!

 on to the grapes

 washing it down with some water

 Trevi and Emma became good friends!

 Emma (18 months) is visiting from Australia

 camping girls!

 cookie time!

 Emma and her daddy Mick and Trevi!

 Trevi heading over to poach some toys!

 such a little hoarder

 cuddles from Emma before we left. Trevi doesn't seem too keen on them

smiling after though!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Popsicle Day

I am so thankful to have a good little eater! Trevi will eat a lot of food, providing it is stuff she likes!  Stuff she likes: avocado, blueberries, cereal, yogurt, popsicles, pancakes, pasta, eggs, milk, most fruits, anything in a pouch and the list goes on and on!

Today her lunch dessert was blueberries!

 "buebo" as she calls them!

 shoveling them in!

Me: "Trevi, how old are you?" Trevi: " Two." Me: "No, you're one!" She holds her 1 finger up!

Little Miss had a bit of a fever this afternoon she we decided to enjoy popsicles on the deck to get some extra fluids in her! She loves my homemade strawberry and coconut popsicles! Way less sugar than store bought and soooo easy to make.  Just slice up strawberry (fresh or frozen) Add to popsicle mold.  Fill up with coconut water and freeze!

 check out that pony!


 praying for her popsicle

a little quieter than normal with the fever... :( 

Day Dates for All!

I got an unexpected day off work so Brett and I decided to take a day date! I am not sure we have had a whole day together without the little one un a VERY long time so this day was a little extra special.  We decided to send Trevi to preschool and head to Poulsbo for lunch and strolling!  We hit up the Poulsbo bakery, which comes highly recommended, we had lunch on a pier over the water and we did a little shopping for our yard! It was a fun day with my man! Plus, I was very happy to go knowing Trevi was happy and safe at preschool!

Walking into Poulsbo!

 "day date" I'm a big fan! ;)

 enjoying some seafood by the sea!

I also had my usual Thursday off so Trevi and I ran some errands and then headed to the park! This girl will do anything for a slide!

 sliding fool!

 climbing the rope!

 wiggly car!

making friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daddy's girl

 Daddy is teaching a very valuable life lesson... drinking cereal milk!

"ok, dad, show me how to do this!"

love at first sip

 can't get enough

Playing with Daddy and being silly!

 push ups with daddy

 piggy back rides

 piggy back hugs

 pure joy

 check out that smile

 daddy and daughter- an amazing sight!

 playing on the deck with daddy

 little cowgirl

look dad!