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Monday, August 26, 2013

Lake Chelan Camping

We got another chance to go to Lake Chelan and that is a trip I never turn down! So, we went camping with some friends and another little girl! It was a relaxing and fun trip with the kids and parents! Sun, sand, beach, ice cream, friends and a tent! Life is good!

trying out Emma's goggles

 lunch with daddy!

 eggs over a camping grill just taste better!

 wearing Daddy's hat!

 sharing with her dad! He did make it for her after all!

 silly two

 listening intently to dad!

 mom's hat now!

 daddy daughter love!

 on to the grapes

 washing it down with some water

 Trevi and Emma became good friends!

 Emma (18 months) is visiting from Australia

 camping girls!

 cookie time!

 Emma and her daddy Mick and Trevi!

 Trevi heading over to poach some toys!

 such a little hoarder

 cuddles from Emma before we left. Trevi doesn't seem too keen on them

smiling after though!

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