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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Dates for All!

I got an unexpected day off work so Brett and I decided to take a day date! I am not sure we have had a whole day together without the little one un a VERY long time so this day was a little extra special.  We decided to send Trevi to preschool and head to Poulsbo for lunch and strolling!  We hit up the Poulsbo bakery, which comes highly recommended, we had lunch on a pier over the water and we did a little shopping for our yard! It was a fun day with my man! Plus, I was very happy to go knowing Trevi was happy and safe at preschool!

Walking into Poulsbo!

 "day date" I'm a big fan! ;)

 enjoying some seafood by the sea!

I also had my usual Thursday off so Trevi and I ran some errands and then headed to the park! This girl will do anything for a slide!

 sliding fool!

 climbing the rope!

 wiggly car!

making friends!

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