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Monday, November 30, 2015

A overdue update!
Repunzel for Halloween!

Biking at the park!

Right before she slammed into Harvey at the bottom of the slide....

Our little Halloween monster!

15 month appt.... All boy!

So many leaves!

The colors this fall have been amazing!

First major road rash.

Dirty feet!

He's a climber!

Playing with chalk... In a dress... In November!

Birthday presents!

Birthday cake!!

Happy to be outside!

Terrible slide etiquette Harv!


He hated it! Hahah

A monkey and a rhino at the zoo! So intense!

Crazy goat! 

Morning bike rides to school have been a little chillier!

Headed downtown on the bus for light up night!

Another birthday present from auntie norrine!

Headed to friendsgiving dinner with Brett's classmates!

Here's what the kids did while the adult hung out! 

Dinner out!!!

Thanksgiving with the Van Dyke's!!

New rental toys from the toy lending library!