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Monday, August 28, 2017

End of August!

W're closing out August over here in a big way! We fly to Seattle on Thursday for a very busy but fun long weekend! The weather has been super hot this weekend and it looks like it will continue through next week but I am really hoping once we get back it will cool down and we can have an awesome fall, winter and spring!

Away sign-up night!

A morning cool enough to ride bikes!

who knows what it happening in this picture but it's not uncommon

love the blue skies here!

and the sunrises!

hahaha.... not!

check out those glasses!

She made this fox mask 100% by herself!

Seahawks in the desert!

Happy to be at the park together again

waiting out a storm at the car loop. Harvey does not like thunder 

Trevi at her first t-ball practice!

seriously, Harvey... 

Little snuggle boy on the way to pick up!

boys boating!

we took the kids bowling! it was a blast!

this was way too much fun!

loving the clouds here!

Harvey's First Day of Preschool

Our little man got to attend his first day at Little Buddies School House!

walking him in! I love when he asks to hold my hand!

we were twins and didn't even realize it!

Harvey and his friends!

painting a craft!

So thankful his teacher sends me pictures from his time there!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten

We've got a Kindergartener!!

630am: hugging daddy goodbye before work

wishing her a great first day!

7am: came downstairs to flowers from Daddy

she felt very special!

705am: showing me the awesome present from the tooth fairy!
notice the note that says... look up!

Basket made of money which held coins and a note!
This tooth fairy is sure setting the bar high!
this brings our total up to 2 teeth so far!

note from the tooth fairy!

730am: off for the first day!

740am: reading George's first day of school on the way to her first day!

8am: waiting in line with her classmates before they head in for the day

245pm: had to wake this guy up to go get Trevi

Day 2!!!
Trying out a new uniform outfit!

Harvey is pretty excited because he had preschool meet and greet that day!

So far, were off to a great start and Trevi really enjoys school! Harvey has his first day tomorrow and he is thrilled!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Playing before school starts tomorrow!

We are soaking up our last couple weeks before school starts on Monday!

lots of swimming

and paddeling!

running and splashing

We got to visit Trevi's school for Kindergarten Meet and Greet!

not her classroom but fun to see one set up!

She's devouring ever book we put in front of her! Currently she's loving the Boxcar children!

my little mail getters

45 minute spin class... i was spent!

my little helpers... aka. chores so they wont kill each other

Last Thursday at the lake before school starts
exploring with dad!

skipping rocks

harvey is seriously a fish!! 

stupid clouds!

hanging out with our twin friends!

sunrise run

Saturday at the water slide park!

exploring the slides

sandwich break!

silly girl

we're prepping for this tomorrow!