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Monday, January 7, 2013

 14 Months!

Ok, well to be honest I have no idea what is going on with my blog but I can now add pictures again so I guess we will stick with the old address for as long as we can! Here are some silly photos of the peanut lately! She is 14 months old today and while everyday is so fun and so amazing, because she is learning so many new things, she is also testing her limits a lot and seeing what she can get away with.  I have been practicing patience and trying to be clear with my expectations by talking to her and trying to understand what she wants so she doesn't get so frustrated.

 she thought her monkey "Howard" stuck to her leg was pretty funny!

 Auntie Mich, Uncle Chad and the girls got her stacking blocks for Christmas! 
I stack, she knocks them over! She loves it!

 somehow we don't ave any Seahawks apparel for the little peanut so this shirt had some Seahawk colors so we wore it for the playoff game!! GO Hawks!

 I asked her to smile and this is what I got!!!!

 she learned how to stick out her tongue!

watching the game! I spy a Hawks fan in daddy's lap!

14 months is an amazing age! Not only is she learning something new everyday I am learning some new things as well! Trevi is exploring her surroundings and testing her limits! She doesn't seem to be naughty but instead just interested in everything and frustrated when she can't have or do something she wants. In turn, I have been learning patience as well as working on not getting frustrated with her.  I think she really feeds off of how I react so I try to stop, listen, talk and explain things to her.  I know she understand way more than I realize! 

Trevi's stats:
*she sleeps from 630pm-745am
*she naps for about an hour and half
*milk is her favorite food
*she will eat anything out of a food pouch so to get her to eat my creations I bought these  these save us money and allow me to decide what she eats!
*she runs and walks very proficiently and seems to catch herself well when she gets off balance
*she says shoes, mama, dada, go, and no! She can make lots of animal noises!
*we have a total of 9 teeth.  3 on top, 4 on the bottom and a molar on the top and botton on the left side.
*her hand is all healed from her burn!
*she may be a lefty because of that. She still eats with only her left hand.
*She loves loves loves to be outside and runs to the door anytime she hears it open!
*Books are still her favorite toy! She reads them in the car and constantly brings them to you to read to her!
*she loves the vacuum both on and off! Maybe she will help with house chores one day!
*We are headed to Maui at the end of the month.  This will be T's 3rd trip but I am not sure the plane ride will be as easy as it was the first 2 times.  She is much more active! Pray for us!!! :)

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