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Saturday, January 5, 2013

 Ok, well we may be back on the other blog.... not sure really how all this works but apparently I can still upload pictures here! We'll see how long that lasts!

 if you are thinking this is Trevi in the tub.... think again! This is Brett! Such look-a-likes!

 eating some cereal with dad!

 she does this a lot!

 checking out grandma's fish on Christmas!

 we babysat Chewy, the pug, and Trevi was trying to get her out of her cage!

 hanging with GG!

 my bunny!

 silly girl!

 just playing with her toys!

 eating a little snack while watching the Seahawks beat the Rams!

 off to church!

my little mustang!

 happy girl!

 doing some yard work with daddy!

 she LOVES the vacuum

 all set for Maui!

 just doing some reading on the floor!

poor girl has a cold and I drug her to Target. 

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