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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

bike riding!

We decided to attempt a bike ride at the park. Prior to this ride, Harvey had been riding around the back yard but seemed quite timid. However once we got him to the park he was super excited and rode all through the park. We figured both kids were super tired but we wanted to check out the bike park to see what they thought. After about an hour and a half we almost couldn't tear them away. 
They were sweaty, adventurous and so excited to go back many more times!

Not sure if videos work but man, Harvey is fearless and loves the bumps at the park!

Headed into the gym!

A massive rain store came through for about 15 minutes which was enough to flood our back yard. 

I rotated the books and they loved finding some old favorites!

Harvey and his buddy Gideon at bible study!

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