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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


A birthday invitation, cheap airline tickets, friends across the country and kids who travel well was the perfect combination to head to Pittsburgh last weekend to surprise Meg and Jules!  We received a birthday invitation for her daughter's 5th birthday party and well, we wanted to go too. I found direct roundtrip tickets to Pittsburgh from Vegas for $79 so we hopped on a plane and showed up! The looks on their faces was priceless and so much fun to experience!

Trevi got Jules a solar dancing cat just like hers for her birthday!

Playing at the airport before we leave!

All ready to go!

We arrived to these decorations!!

This is the ultimate Moana birthday party!

Every detail of thought of and so cute!

The 4 kids played non stop and so well!
Digging in the dirt is the best!

Little Hawaiian girls!

Happy to back with my buddy!

Enjoying new birthday presents with friends!

hours of fun!

Moana movie night!

We got a nice Monday morning with all the kids!

Kids always love books!

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