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Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Here's what we have been up to lately!!!!

 This is how Trevi looks every morning during our run! We can't wait for warmer weather!

 trying so hard to get the bean in her pinches!

 typical for the high chair!

 Trevi and Pa!

 Some of the entertainment toys we have for her she is growing out of!

 Happiest girl!

 she will do anything for the strings on a sweatshirt!

 I am finding her in all sorts of strange places!

 future dentist!

 nakie girl!

Daddy daughter bath time!

Visiting with Gramps in Bellevue! Thanks for lunch!

Starting her early!!!!

1 comment: said...

So cute Kate!! We have that same ABC rocker chair.. I took the activity bar off and Dylan sits in it all the time now and rocks & climbs on it. It's been reintroduced since his baby days, and he loves having his own chair! :)