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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy half birthday Trevi!

~ you love to roll in all directions!
~ you can bear crawl across a room and you are starting to get up on your knees!
~ you love your tag blankey!
~ you sleep really well at night (sometimes you don't even need a feed until you wake up)
~ you nap terribly... :) (we're working on that one)
~ you are on and off day by day with solids
~ you love your bottle and get so excited when you see it!
~ you are obsessed with Pete (you will stop eating or playing just to watch him)
~ you laugh, giggle, and smile ALL the time!
~ you are sitting really well but you still can't be left alone or you will tumble (thankfully you don't cry when you fall over)
~ you have only had one diaper rash and you were such a good sport!
~ you are very happy unless you are hungry or tired
~  you love to go on walks and run (which we do almost daily)
~ the iPhone could be the only toy on the planet and you would be super happy
~ you are long and lean like your daddy!

Thanks for 6 great months!  We love you Trevi!

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