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Monday, May 14, 2012

After 28 years of being asked what my favorite holiday is, I can finally saw I have one and it is all thanks to this little peanut! (well, and some help from Brett!!)

 I love Mother's Day!
 My sister-in-law Erica and my mother-in-law Bo with Erica's 3 babies! Gavin (6), Coco (3) and baby Memphis (6 months)!

 Bo, Trevi and I!

Bo, Olivia (2) and Mia (8 months now)
My other sister-in-law Michelle, sent me this picture.  It was the closest I could get to having a picture with all of them! 
However, if you know anything about Mich you know she is the one taking the picture so it would be hard to get one of all of them!!! :)

 My sister-in-law Mich with Bo and Olivia!

So typical me, I was great with my camera the first half of the day and then I simply forgot for the rest.  I would have loved to get some pictures of my sisters and their kids with my mom but things at my house get a little hectic with 6 grandchildren running around, moms chasing them in and out of the boat!  Since, the weather is finally nice and we will be spending more time outside doing family BBQ's more pictures are sure to pop up!

While I might not have a ton of pictures of my family with Trevi (let me just say, we are not big picture taking people) I did have these two amazing helpers with me the day I became a mom!! I could not have done it without them! Thanks for helping bring Trevi into the world Mom and Amy!

 After the epidural!

OK, so this is the best I could do for pictures of my sisters with their kids.  However, I just want to wish them a Happy Mother's Day as well. I am lucky enough to have 3 sisters who are all great moms and it is really fun to watch their kids grow up! Trevi will undoubtedly have lots of friends!

 Julia and her daughter Wyatt meeting Trevi!

Amy and Violet last summer!
 Ann with her son Lucas and her new son Jordan!

Here is Jordan now! He will be 3 in November!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I am happy to have joined your exclusive little club!

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Bob Heacox said...

Lots of very cute photos. Please don't include me in photos when I'm not wearing a long sleeved shirt.