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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trevi's First Tooth!!!!

While giving the babe a bath tonight I noticed she has her first tooth!! Such a big girl!!!  Sorry there are not any pictures to follow of her tooth yet.  That would be a seriously hard picture to get.  

However, here are a few fun ones that I have taken on my phone lately!!

Our evening ride in the stroller!  I love the fresh air! Trevi loves looking at everything and it distracts her from being too tired too early and Pete loves the walk and seeing the other dogs in the neighborhood!

 One of Brett's friend's from CA sent us this homemade beanie! Sooooo cute!

 When your baby figures out how to get out of the inescapable miracle blanket the mom decides she needs an additional swaddle blanket!!

 Our lil Peanut!!!!

Spring is springing in our neighborhood!

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