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Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Weekend!

We had two very big events happen here this past weekend. On Friday, Trevi turned 3! We celebrated her birthday a day late because Brett was at the hospital so when she's older don't tell her! We decorated the house, she got to open her presents that family sent and we spent a good portion of the day at the zoo with her new zoo pass! She was one happy little birthday girl!

Thank you to everyone who sent Trevi gifts, cards and made phone calls to her! She was a very lucky girl who received lots of love from everyone! She loved all her gifts and is having so much fun playing with everything!

 Opening a Hello Kitty card that had stickers from Memphis and the gang!

 The giraffes are so cool! and they were so close!

 Clearly Harvey had a good time at the zoo...

 We got up close and personal with this guy!

 he was nice and warm

 Loved celebrating this sweet girl at her favorite place! 
Thanks for the pass grandma and grandpa!

 She insisted she take her balloon to dinner! She loved that is "followed" her the whole way!

 Harvey was happy to feed himself during dinner!

 Hanging with his buddy, Maddie! They're 6 days apart!

 I really can't get over how beautiful fall is in Pittsburgh!

 The colors are seriously so intense!

Our other big event over the weekend: This big guy turned 4 months old on Sunday! He is smiling, giggles a little, sleeps a ton still (think 18 hours a day), eats like a champ and is attempting to roll over. He weighs in around 15 pounds on our home scale but we'll see his official numbers on Wednesday!

Here's a side by side of the two at 4 months!
Harvey's got a bit more hair :) than Trevi while Trevi was super petite. 

Bumbo babies

Playing with his car!

check out those arms "muscles"

Thinking about rolling!

Gosh, this guy is so silly!

he's a chunky aka healthy guy!

She learned how to represent her age on her fingers!

learning to like toys!


Still loving his tongue!

Go Hawks!

he still has a long way to go to get over but he likes to try!

Seahawks Sunday!

Our little city girl loves the buttons in elevators. Thankfully she is very patient and only presses one button at a time!

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