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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall has fallen upon us!!!

Welcome to fall in Pittsburgh!

Leaves up to her knees!

He's was hungry... Yea, that hungry!

Playing while I rest after a night of wake ups with Harvey! Trevi is such a sweet and thoughtful little girl!

Happy Halloween from my little bear and strawberry!

Can't possibly get them both to smile at the same time!

(Notice all the stuff on and around Trevi and Harvey) Our neighbors gave the kiddos Halloween baskets to say sorry for being so loud... Either that or they were priming us for the future because they have not been quiet since. 😳

The doggie was in Harvey's basket!

His new little friend whom Trevi has named Finn! He's named after our friends dog, Finn, whom Trevi is obsessed with! 

Trevi loves to draw and color! She said se was drawing Harvey's schedule like mommy!


Homemade chicken pot pie! So delicious!

Sure makes it feel like fall!

This was suppose to happen the night after Halloween and unfortunately it didn't 😢 I really hope we get some snow soon since its been so cold.

Doing some penguin research!

He could stare at these things so long he'd go cross eyed.

Giving her animals some medicine! Very thoughtful!

This guy could watch tv all day! At least it was football!

Mixing some holidays! 

Looks as if he got his dad's curly hair!

She loves her kitty pumpkin!

A half and half raspberry! 

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