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Friday, November 7, 2014

November so far!

Trevi got some animal stickers in the mail! 
Pretty much the best thing in the world in her mind!

Our little city loves to push the buttons on the elevators 

I love the fall colors!

It's seriously so pretty here in the fall

Rosato and Son's. Maybe they are related to my brother in law

what is it with this giraffe?!?!

catching his drool! such a sweet big sister

Elmo friend!

Hi guys!

Playing at the park!

Just another evening walk with my kids!

he started our front facing then I turned him around and he fell fast asleep!

HUGE leaves!

What's going on?!?

loves to smile!

just chillin on the couch like a big boy

tummy time!

everything ends up in his mouth

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