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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We have been living in Denver for a couple of weeks now and things seem to be settling into place nicely for Brett and I. Brett has his first test today and I am thankful to report he feels really quite good about it. I think he feels like he studied hard and might have actually studied all the right information. Hopefully... please keep you fingers crossed for him!
I am headed to Cleveland today to visit my sister Amy and her husband Zach. I am meeting my parents there and I am really excited for a long weekend with part of my family! I have not seen Amy since we got back from Australia so it should be a ton of fun. Plus, as weird as it sounds Cleveland is always a great place to visit. Yes, I did say visit! haha. We always get to go shopping, drink coffee, eat awesome food and enjoy family time! It is also really fun because Amy is a fabulous host. She always has everything set up perfectly and makes you feel right at home.
Amy and I also got tickets for a cooking class to celebrate Mother's Day so we are going to be creating pizzas, pizza dough, breads, and some other yummy dishes.

It will be boys weekend in Denver. Brett is watching Petey for the long weekend and I am sure they will be doing lots of studying and walks to break from the books. Petey loves Brett because he is always up for a good gentle wrestle and a nice long walk! Brett even lets him sleep in the bed with him!

Brett took his awesome picture on his cellphone while we were driving home from the store.

I have been a little discouraged to create or cook much since moving to Denver because we have such a small kitchen but I jumped at the opportunity to stock the fridge for Brett while I was going to be away. He eats anything and everything when it is made for him but he gets a little overwhelmed by a stocked fridge so I decided to make easy things for him to throw together while he is studying this weekend.
I created homemade ravioli that just take minutes to boil

I filled the ravioli with spinach, ricotta, garlic, roasted red peppers, ricotta cheese, eggs, breads crumbs, salt and pepper! We tried two last night. We fried one and boiled one and they were so yummy! Wonton wrappers made for such an easy ravioli dough.

Yes, we live in the home of Coors beer. I can't wait to watch
the Rockies hit it out of the park this summer!

I hope everyone is having a nice spring at home. We have been getting weather all over the board this last week. We got snow last Wednesday, thunder and lightening last night, a little rain throughout and lots of sunshine as well!

B and K8

Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, we are settled in Denver and actually feel like residents! We know our way around the city, we have seen a ton of neat stuff, we have hiked, visited Red Rocks, tried a new church, BBQed a ton and yes, we both have something that takes up our whole daylight hours.

Brett started school this Monday morning at 8am. School gave them zero room for adjustments. Instead they threw them right into class for an 8am-4pm day. Yikes. I can't wait for Brett to get home from his first day and tell me all about it.

I officially have a job. It is not exactly what I was thinking but it will work. I am going to be working in the Nordstrom Bistro full-time while still applying like mad for teaching positions. Getting a CO teaching license is way more time consuming than I thought it would be but hopefully it will be worth it. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
The weather has been all over the board. Cold, warm, warmer, and snow is expected tomorrow night. Hopefully it will be the last snow of the season. It is MAY...

We miss everyone but we are also having a lot of fun! We have already made some great friends, who are married as well, and we are trying to do as many fun things as possible!

Thinking of you and missing you
B and K8

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our new place (messy from moving in)

Lots of snow in Butte, MT
Custer's Last Stand
Dino Museum! This is Stephanie the Triceratops
4228 Decatur St


Saving goodbye to Sounder!

Saying goodbye to GH
Our road trip to Denver