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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I just got a call from my sweet little nephew Lucas. He wanted to tell uncle Brett and I that he missed us and that when the song "Soul Sister" came on the radio he remembers it from our blog. Ahhh, breaks my heart!!! Not only did it make my day but I also realized that it has been a long time since I updated our blog. We have done so many fun things since the last post so I will try and recap some of our adventures here in Denver.

We went to a Rockies game today where unfortunately we got beat by the the Giants. Despite the loss we had a great time with some of Brett's school mates. Last weekend we went to the Broncos home opener against none other than the Seahawks. Unfortunately the got killed and the game definitely did not end well. Last night Brett and I went on an evening hike in Boulder which was awesome and we had a fun dinner on Pearl street. We have been eating out at some really great places and we are quickly realizing Denver is really well known for their food! Not only have we need eating food but we have also been making some. I surprised Brett for a date night. We went to a cooking class called burgers and brews. We learned a ton about grilling and had such a great time!

Seahawks fans representing in Denver!!

Last weekend Brett and I also went to Estes Park. Estes is a really cute little town about an hour from Denver right on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. We got to see some Aspen trees changing and we also got to see some HUGE elk taking an afternoon snooze on the golf course. After playing tourists for the afternoon we met up with a couple we know from Denver for dinner! It was a great day!

Aspen trees turning!

Huge 16 point Elk

Driving into Estes Park

We also have been doing lots of bike riding! (or at least before Brett's bike got stolen) We have been seeing lot of stuff in Denver and riding all over town. We did a day biking at the capital and also a day at the Taste of Colorado.
As you can see we have been doing a lot of fun things! We have also been working a lot and Brett is doing amazingly well in his labor and delivery rotation. Brett's parents are visiting next week for a board meeting but thankfully we will get to spend a little bit of time with them! We miss you all and we are excited to see you in December! We are coming home on the 15th! Have a great week!

Brett, Kate and Pete