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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Post Easter

T got chalk in her Easter basket and loves it! This was her first time using it and she uad so much fun spending a sunny afternoon outside drawing fun pictures!

Helping daddy draw!
Some of our creations!

We also try to attend the toddler story time at the library as much as possible! It's great for social interaction and T loves all the books and toys! Plus, we get to pick out new books to bring home!

Spring is here in the form of flowers.... And rain. I love these local tulips from the market!! They are blooming along with everything else!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life with a 2 year old is hilarious! We have so much fun mixed with lots of determination to do things herself. It's challenging but so rewarding!
Our house sold! May 1 is the expected close! We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned! Hard to believe we're leaving the place we brought our baby home to!

Some of the kiddos in the tub with grandpa!  They have so much fun!

I sat her down and came back to find this! Silly girl!

We're back in our zoo routine!!!

She chose the pig this time!

We had to return something at Nordstrom so why not grab lunch!!

Driving to auntie Ann's tonight! Keeping herself occupied!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Brett and I made it to Pittsburgh and back and the trip was very successful! We found a place, paid our deposit and are getting excited for our August move!!  Here are a few pictures from our trip:
 can you tell I hate to fly :(

 one of the many hospitals Brett will be at!

 U of Pitt athletic center

 enjoying the Pittsburgh son!

 The building of our new little apartment! That For Rent sign was for us!

 Sunny evening in Pittsburgh!

 I found my girl on morning TV! I'll be able to get all the Beth Moore I want!

 T stayed with G and Pa and there was lots of visits with Memphis!

 Pittsburgh food.... you do not disappoint!

 Pregnant and a sandwich the size of my belly!

 sending pictures to Trevi!

 I found the coffee shop that got 2nd place in the America's Best Coffeehouse competition in NYC this year!

 Sunny morning walk with G and Pa!

Downtown Pittsburgh!
 Flying home to see our baby!

 Travel present! We got her some goodies from The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company!

She got chocolate caramel flavor and spicy cheddar!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our visitor

Tugboat came to visit for a week and trevi did an excellent job taking care of him! She even reminded us about feeding him! 
Sticker fun!

Picking up our friend!

Snack time! Learning to not feed him.

Our for a walk!

She was very excited about holding the leash and taking him around the neighborhood!

We found some alpacas driving to my parents house! They are a huge hit.

Attempting to feed them carrots. They were not fans.

Out for another walk!

Happy campers!