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Sunday, July 17, 2016

oh Harv!

tubing with cousins!

the littles at Disney!

their kind of ride!

Harv and I hanging with cousins while Trevi is away

checking the tractor with uncle Dan

taking the girls for a ride!

truly enjoying sunsets here

playing in the pool at the California Hotel

Our newest cousins Lottie and GG!


best buddies

Auntie Ann is the ultimate Disneyland goer!

Jungle cruise!

"Are those animals real?!"

Trevi finally got to see the Princesses

Dream come true for my little one

Indulgence at it's best!

loving the water slide!

Harvey found some boots and he loves them!

Watching the parade!

Ice cream at 10am?! sure!

Helping dad move all our stuff in!

Enjoying a couple days together!  I miss him already.

Loving the big truck!

I did miss this incredible view!

Riding the trolley with daddy!

checking out the harbor

and the jellyfish!

Dream come true for this little guy!

Trevi is loving spending time with her cousins!

jumping in the bay!

classic Brett!

Brave Wyatt!

Forcing Trevi!

Tubing with cousins at Harvey's bday party!

Off to Costco with these two munchkins!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A move, a 2nd birthday and so many cousins!

last day playing with our buddies in Pittsburgh!

girls night before I left

enjoying the waterfront

enjoying a cupcake before we leave

saying goodbye to our buddies

enjoying airplane presents from Evelyn

hello PNW!

Fireworks to welcome us home!

kids are enjoying their daily bunny feedings

and chickens!

our new views for a few months!

I've been spending lots of time with this little guy because Trevi is so busy with cousins


constantly searching while on the beach

throwing rocks!

hanging with her cousins!

Happy Birthday Harvey!

While Harvey napped on his bday Trevi went to Mabel's pony party!

Trevi was in heaven

And she LOVED auntie's horsey room

Harvey (2) and Micah (19 months) and having so much fun together

Having a little bday celebration for Harvey!

Happy Birthday to my little man!

Oh how he's grown!

Grandma and Grandpa decided to join the big cousins and aunties on a trip to Disneyland! She is the luckiest little 4 year old I know!

Playing at G's for lunch


The Disneyland Crew