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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brett and I had our first whole day together so we decided to go out and explore some of the amazing things CO has to offer! We had an awesome breakfast at Snooze, which is a local breakfast place that has become really popular, maybe even a little famous! I had eggs benedicts that were to die for and Brett had a breakfast potpie with 2 eggs on top. Our waiter also surprised us with a chocolate chip pancake drizzled with chocolate and smothered with peanut butter sauce. Ok, so for those of you who know me, you are probably thinking peanut butter...really? But I have been sampling peanut butter here and there and I am actually starting to like it! And honestly, who couldn't like a chocolate pancake smothered with chocolate and PB!!!!

We also went down to CO Springs to visit Garden of the Gods! It is this amazing place with red rocks jutting out of the earth like buildings! There is something about CO and red rocks and I like it! We walked around the park, visited the cute town of Manitou Springs and just simply got to hang out with each other!

On the way home we also visited the U.S. Air Force Academy. Brett has some family friends who have attended and we figured if we are driving by, why not stop! I am glad we did. We watched a movie in the visitor center and read all about the history! It was really neat plus we got to see some amazing planes on display!
B-52 at U.S. Air Force Academy

Enjoying my camera!

Some lookout point on the way to CO Spring

Brett conquering Garden of the Gods

Rocks at Garden of the Gods (from visitor center)

Rock formations at Garden of the Gods!

Brett doing his best to help keep up the Balancing Rock!

Thanks for reading everyone! Also, if you get a chance and want to see what Brett is doing in school you can follow his blog that he writes on behalf of all his fellow students at Regis!

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