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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With  no real job (yes, I am helping out at the office but it is not exactly consistent) I have found myself doing projects around the house!  Some are things that need to get done while others are more fun and for pleasure!  Today's project....


I consider myself a very very very beginner sewer because 1. I have not spent very much time sewing and 2. I, as Brett would say and I would agree, lack attention to details, so most of my stuff is rough.  However, I am happy to use and enjoy my creations.  Especially if it means I got to save a few dollars in the end!  Today I made a cute camera strap for my lovely canon camera and I also attempted and then practiced (A LOT) how to make a baby blanket with mitered corners!  Yes, I also learned the term mitered corners today while you tubing and googling my project!  Here is how I did...

 Today's Projects!

 First attempt... Whoa that is ugly.  This was before I decided to look up how to do it!  This is typically how I do things.  Try, suck, google, try again, get a little better!

 Getting a little better...

If you ask me, this looks much better. 

Unfortunately, now I am out of the silk border so I have to head back to JoAnn Fabrics to get more!  I am also working on our stairs up to the nursery so pictures will be coming soon!  I did however, apply my first clear coat to them today and I have also painted the kick stops blue.  Tomorrow is another clear coat and hopefully attaching the kick stops to the stairs and finishing them!

Here is a bit of a teaser!

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Kisma said...

Woo-Hoo! Great job and I died laughing over your comment, " try, suck, google, try again, getting better!" LOVE IT.

I was raised by a seamstress for a mother so this was something I learned at an early age and partly why I don't sew now, because I am so PICKY about things turn out. (Thank you mom.)

Enjoy your day!!!