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Monday, December 12, 2011


Trevi is 5 weeks old today and I feel like she is getting so big!!!  Last time we weighed her she was 8 pounds 5 ounces and she is filling out and looking taller than ever! We have been doing some fun stuff with her and thankfully capturing some pictures while doing it!  Here are some pictures from her latest adventures!
 I think the babe had a tummy ache so I put her down like this and she immediately fell asleep which then turned into a 2 hour nap!!

We spent most of Tuesday touring Vashon Island! Trevi got her first boat and ferry ride!  She did great!
Pete got to go too!
  She loves her car seat!

  We also stopped by Brett's grandparent's old cabin on the island and snapped a few photos!  Brett has great memories from going there as a kid!

The walkway down to the cabin! I love the fall leaves!
 We even checked out the lighthouse on the island!

 Trevi's first piece of mail!!!!  She has a SSN number!

Daddy tried the tummy ache position and she enjoyed watching some tv!
She heard they got a touchdown!
Thanks Chris and Kelly for the Hawks gear!

Brett's sister is here visiting from Okinawa so we have been doing lots of family time with her and her kids!  Here are some pictures thus far.

 Michelle with Trevi and Erica with Memphis!

 GG (Grandma Marian) holding Trevi!

 All the cousins!!!!  Trevi (5 weeks), Memphis (5 weeks), Mia (3 months), Olivia (2), Coco (3) and Gavin (5)

 We got Trevi her own stocking!  She is also wearing her gift from cousin Rachel!  Monthly onesies!

 The only time she will ever fit in her stocking!

 She was not a huge fan of the bear suit but we had to get a picture of her in it!

 She did however love playing with Daddy!

These last 35 days have flown by!  I have gone from exhausted to even more exhausted and then back to well-rested which then leads to being more tired.  It is a vicious cycle.  Trevi is such a fun baby and I have loved ever minute of her!  We spend our days doing fun things around the house and we even make it out the door to run errands a few days a week! :)  

Thanks for checking in on us! We love sharing updates about our peanut with everyone!


Kisma said...

haha, I love the shot all of all the cousins! Memhis does not look pleased.
The leaves are stunning!

Have a great holiday!

Bo said...

So very sweet, Kate and Brett! Trevi is beautiful, and she is so blessed to having such loving parents!!!! Joy to you!