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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brett always has some awesome photos on his phone so here are a few (ok, a lot) more shots of Maui!

 she hated the beach the first week...

 Daddy's bday dinner at Mama's Fish House!

 trunk diaper change

 dinner at Mama's!

 beach walk!

 she learned how to rinse her feet


 she warmed right up to the beach!

 beach day with Dave and Nancy


 blowing the conch shell!

 reading while running!

 Nancy and I did a 10K Walk for the Whales and the best part was seeing T and Brett after

 kiting with dad!

 helping dad clean up his kites!

she loved to boogie

 water girl!

 playing at the park!

 sunset at the Grand Wailea

 guacamole lunch after swimming

my little whale watcher!

 reading while eating dinner!

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