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Friday, May 2, 2014

Sunny May 1st!!

Of course we've been making cookies!

I asked trevi to put her shoes by the door and look how cute they are! I love when she follows directions the first time!

Playing games in the back seat!

Beautiful flowers at the library!

It's official... We are no longer home owners! Our sweet little house sold and it's quite bittersweet! I am happy to be done with it but sad to think we left the place we brought our little girl home to. 

Playing, "where's trevi?!?!" 
Playing while we sign the papers for our house sale!

Chalk on the boat launch!

Helping grandma garden!

Trevi and Violet could be twins!

Playing around with daddy! T loves the big waves and the spray!

No caption could help this picture.

She loves the pig!

Trevi and her daddy! Buddies!

Helping dad pack up the house!

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