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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am 36 weeks pregnant today and while that is still a ways from delivery date I am feeling more ready lately. I pulled out some clothes, blankets and other supplies to prepare for the upcoming arrival and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for a life with two kiddos! Trevi was a week early and while I am not planning on that happening again I definitely wouldn't be opposed to it ;)

Gender is still a surprise but I can wait to put little boy or girl in this cute shirt!

Collecting more treasures for grandmas collection!

Dinner in the deck with a chocolate milk straw!

Daddy has been gone a lot lately with work and an out of town wedding so we've been sending him pictures!

Hi dad! Your girls miss you!

Check out the new crocs we pulled out from Christmas! Thanks auntie ann!

Porch swinging!

It's officially summer which usually means there is no time to stop and eat a meal at the table... Lunch in the hot tub it is!

Boat ride to the Popsicle store!

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