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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photo Dump! 

Nature walk with our Monday Morning Mom's Meet-up group!

Love the Van Dyke clan!

Lime face!

Harv was not a fan of the moving chaos...

First morning in the new house!

Trevi helping me put all her clothes into her new closet!

Goodbye old house! We'll savor the memories but won't miss the stairs!

Side by side in the car!

Helping me make dinner!

When the sprinklers go on while at the park why not run through them!?!

Lunch out with my kiddos!

I'm ready to go mom!

Such a tired dude!

Sweet gift from grandma and grandpa!

helping dad built a rock wall!

Meg and I spent a morning making homemade pasta! SOOOO worth the time and effort!

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Tiffany Maytum said...

Kate! The kids are getting Sooo bug and beautiful!

Happy Tuesday!