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Friday, October 16, 2015

October Updates

I haven't posted any photos since we got home from Washington over a month ago so there are plenty of fun events and details to update!

Pittsburgh has something called RAD days! A bunch of places around the city (parks, museums, festivals, etc) have free admission to check them out so we have been cashing in on some really fun adventures!

Greeting daddy at the airport after our flight home!

Headed to her first day of preschool and so happy about it!

park fun!

back to the zoo and so happy!

Harvey finally goes into the stingray tunnel!

Where's Trevi!?!?

We love when the polar bear is out!

How we ride to school some mornings!

playing peek-a-boo or just really enjoying his dinner!?!

Seahawks day!

cleaning our latest Goodwill find

This happens at ever meal... seriously kid?!

Playing at Phipps botanical gardens!


playing at the park with new water bottles! It doesn't take much for these kids to be excited!

A sandbox will do it too! Check out that smile!

First ice cream cone!

Love the hot days at the end of summer here!

Our latest adventure! We've become a dog walker for Lucy!

walking Lucy!

She even came with us to school one morning!

This little guy gets into everything!

Seriously such a wonderful trouble maker!

Enjoying a wagon ride!

Haywood Acres Hay Days!

petting zoo

a potbelly pig!

Penguin ballon animal!

Huge slide!

pony rides!

Helping daddy work on something for mom!

Train room at The Science Center!

Biking to school!

Nature hike at The Outdoor classroom

Enjoying a more before our nature hike!

Loving the heat and flames!

On the trail! They loved it!

Happy dude!

more fun at the park

enjoying a walk with Lucy!

bubble man!

fleecy jammie twins

Helping mom bake!

riding daddy's bike!

shower fun!

Daddy has taught them dome some seriously cool things!

attempt at both!

Fall colors!

Nature walk at Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens!

More than once I'd turn around and Harv was just sitting on the trail!

reading to Lucy!

Carving pumpkins with daddy!

She made an owl!

bath time fun!

Poor little dude needed a checkup from Daddy

definitely not feeling like himself.

trying to entertain the poor little dude because he was pretty miserable 

Keeping them hydrated!

Movie night with Trevi! We watched Aladdin!

Poor little Harv ended up at Children's ER with croup 

But he sure made a lot of people smile while there!

It was 53 degrees and Trevi pretty much thought it was the arctic!

hanging out at the park!

Headed to school October 16th and it was still sunny!

Throw back photo to Trevi's first day of school.

Enjoying pumpkin carving!

Homemade caramel apple pie!

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