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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holidays in Pittsburgh! 2015

We have been taking advantage of all the fun holiday outings Pittsburgh has to offer! It's been so fun with the kids this age and seeing them enjoy the festivities!

Doing a little holiday shopping!

Trevi got to attend a Frozen birthday party!

We find this kid in so many random places!

Lunch out after the gym

enjoying our Christmas gift a little early at the Aviary!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Heacox!

Bible Study Christmas performance! Our little shepherd!

Headed to Trevi's preschool Christmas dinner!

So dapper!

too tired to stay awake for school pick for Trevi

Enjoying the zoo in December- it was 60 degrees!

Big kids!

New Goodwill find!

This is the best house! It looks like it is covered in lights!

Headed to school!

Lunch on the go!

Feeding the rainbow lorikeets!

Daddy makes the best pancakes!

Fun times at the toy lending library!

Gingerbread houses at preschool!

Off to her school performance!

This performance was so darling!

little Rudolph

Harv trying to get in on the fun!

Hanging with Daddy!

Winter Lights at Phipps!

Always doing something daring!

We love time with Daddy!

haha such a goof ball!

my girl!

All together! 

A family photo: it's a Christmas miracle!

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