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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Henderson Happenings

We have been busy... in such a good way! We've been on so fun adventures and made some awesome memories!

Super Hero Kids
Harvey got a card from G and Pa in the mail that had a super hero mask on it so naturally Trevi wanted one too!

We needed a new ducky thermometer for the pool and well, it was way back in the back!

Trevi was willing to climb for it

living the life!

We had our friends over and the twins and Harvey swam and then warmed up!

Children's Museum

cute little coats for the water section 


car tracks so of course Harvey was happy

Art and crafts for my girl

life size light bright

almost 4 ft!

just over 3 ft!

playing in the auto body shop section of the little town

I love sunsets in the desert

We got our first summer storm

a much welcomed few hours of cool and rain

the beginning...

the middle...

near the end...

when it rains here... it rains

Harvey did not like the thunder

a couple hours later it looked like this again!

Typical Thursday- 
boating on dad's day off
we love tubing

and we found out own deserted island 

summer dinners!

Arizona Trip
Brett was on call last weekend which usually means he's gone a lot so I packed the kids up and took them to visit our friends from Pittsburgh who live in Flagstaff now! 

It was a straight shot from Henderson to Flagstaff

Playing with buddies

who's walking who?

Hiking in the beautiful mountains!

The crew- Gavin, Logan, Trevi and Harvey


not what I pictured Arizona to look like

climbing trees of course

The found a horned lizard and played with it for awhile

Olivia... I mean, Logan helped Harvey on the hike. 
This literally could be our cousin Olivia from behind!

Hiking on the Arizona Trail!

Lifesize games at the top of the mountain

this is how tired she was!

Grand Canyon Railway
Williams, AZ - South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The scene of the wild west show before boarding the train

pictures with the outlaw

Rocco the musician, who Harvey loved!

a still moment... there were not many! 

we made it

it's unreal who amazing, majestic, massive and beautiful the Grand Canyon is!

Ice cream of course!

Headed back 

Kathy, our passenger car attendant was so sweet and kind to the kids!

it was pretty ridiculous most of the time. The kids loved it but got a little restless on the 2 hour trip each way

Harvey is delusional from no nap and long days

but he sure listening to the outlaws when they came on board


Trevi still loves gymnastics and seems to be getting better each time

Harvey liked watching her! and eating snacks! 


First Pedicure!

a sweet friend offered to watch Harvey so Trevi and I could have a date!

She loved every minute of it!

Fancy nail art!

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