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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We are back in the grind after the long weekend off... not. Brett studied all weekend and I worked. However Elizabeth, my friend from home, was in town so I got to see her Saturday night. While I was enjoying Mexican food with her Brett was getting to know his school partners a little better at a bbq Saturday night. While it was sad to spend a free night doing different things I guess sacrifices have to be made. However, we did get to spend the morning together and we treated ourselves to the BodyWorks exhibit. It was fascinating and super interesting. Now we are both back to working and studying like crazy, which is good because it keeps us busy. Thankfully we still spend a lot of time together because Brett is usually studying at home. He may be in another room but at least I can go in a say hi every five minutes :)

Here are some pictures of our most recent happenings here in Denver!

"BBQ dinner at our house"

"Volunteering at the nursing home-90th bday party"

"All the people over 90 being celebrated"

"Petey enjoying Denver!"

B and K

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