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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Morning from Denver,

As I am sitting watching the news on Saturday morning the weatherman is telling me that the weather is changing. It was 68 degree yesterday however Monday is expected to be much colder and Tuesday even more. They are using the term frigid for Tuesday and the likelihood of not even getting above 0 degrees. Time to get out the big guns (jackets, gloves, Pete's jacket and our boots)
Playing with Pete at the park!

Along with the exciting weather Brett and I have been having a great winter in Denver! Brett started another rotation for clinicals and this time he is at Children's Hospital in Aurora. He is learning so much and no doubt making every day in the hospital better for the sick children. He also participated for a day in the cardiac clinic which he said was interesting and rewarding! He is doing amazingly well in school and as far as I can tell loving every minute of it! It is hard to believe he only has 3 months left! He also has great things to say about Children's Hospital. It is very nice, new, clean and bright! All the rooms are painted happy colors and there are lots of room with toys and things for the kids to do while there!
The Hat Tree- children in the cancer center can pick out a handmade donated hat before they leave the hospital!

Two of Brett's classmates, April and Elizabeth. April's new puppy Daphne and Elizabeth's new baby Jack! This may have been Brett's study group that day- never a dull moment!

I on the other hand have been doing the same grind since we got here. I am still working at Jones International University, fighting traffic and helping students get an education. It is a great job, for now, and I am thankful to have met some wonderful friends there and gained a lot of experience. In my free time I have been cooking, A LOT, hanging out with Pete (he walked 2.68 miles the other day!) and making our little basement apartment as much of a home as I can.

Brett and I have been doing lots of discussing about our future and what is next. We always seem to start the conversation with, "So, what are we going to do with our lives next?" and the conversation ends with a lot of ideas and exciting thoughts but still no definite ideas....

We celebrated Brett 27th birthday last Wednesday which was a lot of fun! We got to celebrate in the morning with breakfast, had a normal afternoon working but then got to open presents and have dinner with cake in the evening! It was a mellow birthday but still a lot of fun planning, surprising and celebrating.
Brett's Birthday Appetizer before the main course!

All in all everything in Denver is excellent! We are having a great winter, enjoying our new city and trying to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Last night Brett met with at the light rail station, which I rode to work with my bike because of the nice weather, and we went to a super cool little restaurant for happy hour. We had a glass of wine with two very fun appetizers. Bacon, cashew caramel corn and cheese stuffed donuts! We rode our bikes home and enjoyed some leftovers from when Brett made dinner! Yes, Brett made dinner! It was awesome! I was doing bible study with some girls so I would not be home until late so Brett made homemade meat loaf, gravy and salads! It was such a treat and so yummy!!

Thanks for reading and we hope your winter is as great as ours is!
B and K8

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