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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!

A lot has happened since the last post, considering it was before Thanksgiving and now it is well past New Years! Welcome to 2011! I hope your new year is going as well as ours is! Since the last post we have been all over the place and done some great things!

We flew home on December 16th and spent an awesome week with both our families! We got to see all our aunts, uncles, grand parents, brother, sisters, nieces and nephew and even some great friends!. Sorry we missed you Mich. :( We relaxed at home, shopped at the market, Brett went to a Seahawks game and we had a mock Christmas with the Teodoro family. Presents, stockings, food and all! It was a great week.

On December 22nd, Brett parents, my parents and Brett and I all flew out to somewhere different for Christmas. Brett parents went to Okinawa to see Chad, Mich and Olivia. My parents went to Cleveland to welcome Violet Mary Lester to the world (my sisters baby, born on Brett and I's second wedding anniversary, December 20th!!) We flew out to Maui!

Brett and I spend 15 amazing days in Maui relaxing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, sun-bathing, swimming, exploring, eating, driving and playing! It was a great trip and I am already looking forward to the next time we get back there!Brett paddle boarded every night at sunset!

Relaxing at the beach!

We flew home for one night before coming back to Denver on December 7th. We had a nice weekend here before we jumped right back in the routine of school and work. We did, however, get a foot of snow on Sunday night and we have been enjoying the beauty for a full week now! Thankfully no accidents or issues with all the snow and ice.

We had a bit of scare last Tuesday and unfortunately I ended up in the Littleton emergency room. I was having severe chest pains, I could not breath, the pain was also in my lungs and to make it all worse I was grocery shopping. I called Brett as soon as I checked out, crying of course, telling him I was scared and didn't know what to do considering I was 45 minutes or more away from home. He told me to head to the hospital and thankfully used all his knowledge to comfort me and help me while he drove down. He called the hospital to tell them I was on my way and of course he asked all the right questions and got all the info we needed before we left. After being wisked into an ER room, while the loud speaker yelling "chest pains in room 2", I got stripped out my clothes, hooked up to an EKG machine, an IV inserted for pain meds and oxygen up my nose. The Dr. came and discussed my pain and issues with me and sent me for a CAT scan of my lungs and heart and then a chest x-ray. Turns out I have pleurisy which is inflammation in the lining of my lugs and there is also a little fluid in my lungs. They sent me home with some pain meds and I have a follow up with my primary doctor on Wednesday. Wow, does that sound intense, because it was!! While some of you wont believe me I am pretty convinced that I can handle labor now because this pain brought me to instant tears and to my knees multiple times. Not to discount any of you ladies who have been through labor but this hurt bad too! :)

All is pretty much the same in Denver now. We will you all a Happy New Year and a great long weekend!!!

B and K8

Of course Brett wanted to kite!

We love to cook in Maui because of all the fresh ingredients

Enjoying our drive to Hana

The whales got so close they hit the boat at one point! I happened to be the closest person to them!

Taking Pete home with us!

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Robert said...

Thanks for the very informative up-date. It sounds like you guys are doing very well which is what we expect from two awesome youngsters like you two. Lots of love !