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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good morning readers,

I wanted to give you a little bit of an update from Denver! It seems like a few things worth mentioning have happened and since we live in a different state you might not find out for some time so here is a bit of an update!

Brett went back to the Dr. yesterday to get his knee checked after his bicycle accident. The sports-medicine doctor told him that he should give it 6 more weeks and if it is still not healed then they will do an MRI and some further investigation. However, Brett said the doctor seemed pretty confident that it should be getting better and wont be a lifelong issue. Hopefully!

Brett also applied for 1 year residency program at UCLA. Brett thinks it is a long shot but I like to try and stay optimistic and think that there is a good chance, especially if he got an interview! Brett's best friend, Brett Schussel, works at UCLA in the ICU so he told us about it and said he would try and pull some strings. We'll see... but yet another thing for you to keep your fingers and toes crossed for! It would be a really great experience for Brett and such a great first year in the field! As far as I know Brett will also be applying very heavily for jobs in Denver as well as Seattle!

While I like to think my life is as exciting as Brett, but it really isn't. I work. I cook. I eat. I play with the dog. I hang out with girlfriends and I enjoy the Denver sunshine as much as possible. This usually ends of being in the form of walking or running, which is never fun but serves a purpose! I have made a ton of great girlfriends here which is such a blessing! It sure makes our time here much more fun!

I also wanted to give a big congratulations to Steve and Val Teodoro! They have a little baby on the way and I am sure they could not be more excited!

Also, I will be coming home solo in June. Brett cannot make it because he is not sure when he boards test, the NCLEX, is going to be held and he could very well be studying like a mad man for it. I will be home the weekend of June 10 from Friday morning through Sunday night! Hope to see lots or all of you that weekend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know we will!

B and K8

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