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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The week kind of got the better of me so I have not done much on the creative side. However, we did have lots to celebrate in our family this week.
  • March 3rd was my parents 35th wedding anniversary as well as Lucas' 4th birthday.
  • Erica also had a birthday on the 4th!
Lets just say Brett and I felt like we had a few excuses to make a batch of funfetti cupcakes in honor of everyone! I also decided to use the cupcakes to my advantage and make a birthday card for Erica. (E, if you have not gotten the card yet, go check your mail and don't get mad at me for spoiling it. It's not my fault you never check your mail!)

Happy Birthday card- I printed it out, glued it to a blank card from Joann fabrics and sent it out with a message!! Way better than buying card!

Brett must have taken this picture on campus! The Regis campus is so pretty!

Love to you and hoping for a great weekend!
B and K8

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