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Saturday, August 13, 2011

We are diligently but happily working on our house! These days the jobs are a little smaller and more decorating/touching-up type projects! Here are some photos to show our progress!!

our living room (thanks to Amy for all the decorations and furniture)

I plan on doing a lot of rocking the babe in this chair! Of course with a fire roaring in the winter!

some of the tile before it is grouted and some decorations!

Brett working so hard on the back splash! It looks amazing!

A cute little area! Hopefully there will be some yummy cookies in there soon!

We were invited to a boat cruise and dinner on American Lake! It was so much fun!

Thanks for the invite S and E!

Enjoying the boat cruise and appetizers!

Sunset at the house!

Listening intently to Captain John!

Our host was Australian and of course they were serving Yellowtail!!

Scott and Brett out on American Lake! Notice Rainier!

I am 27 weeks pregnant as of Friday! One week left in the 2nd trimester! I cannot believe how fast it is going! Glucose test next week! Wish me luck.

Thanks for checking in with us! Feel free to stop by anytime and say Hi! Our deck is always open!!!!


Nicole said...

your belly is seriously so cute... mine was double the size at that far along! love the house! i need to come see it again soon!

Linds said...

Kate, you look great and I love your hair. Your home is looking really cute also :)