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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester!
28 weeks

I know, I know, I am in my pajamas for this picture but give me a break, it's Saturday! I work 5 days a week so it is so nice to lounge around on a Saturday morning and drink my coffee! I am officially in the 3rd trimester and despite the few uncomfortable moments it is still smooth sailing! I have been feeling really good, much less tired than I was after Chelan and I feel like this baby could be here soon. I know I have 12 more weeks but it feels like it is going really fast! We are slowly working on the nursery and I have a shower on the 18th of September so we should get a few more things we need but for now we are not really that worried about it. My sisters have given me so much stuff and I am so thankful for it. I think my mom and Amy were getting a little annoyed by my lack of preparation so they showed up the other night with a crib, rocker, changing table, a load of hand-me-down clothes and some accessories for the baby! Man, I am so thankful for them! My dad and Brett diligently put the crib together and listened to all their orders about how it should be done with a smile on their faces! Here is what we have so far!
While we still don't know what we are having my mom and sister wanted to play off the blue ceiling so they picked out the some blues and greens!

some goodies for the baby station!

The cute crib and sheets they picked out!

Notice the pile of clothes in the corner! So thankful for all the nieces and nephews who came before!

Other updates in our world! Brett got a job! Not just any old job but really his dream job! He is starting work in the ICU at Harrison Medical Center (in Bremerton) on September 7th and he is so excited. He truly deserves this job after all his hard work and believe me when I say, they are lucky to have him! He is so passionate, excited and ready to learn, serve and work with his patients!

We also have been trying to do some more fun things around hometown since we have not lived here in a few years! Our motto is to be tourists in our own town so last Thursday we headed to the free night at the Tacoma Glass Museum and Washington State History Museum. It was so much fun and we enjoyed being out on such a nice evening that we finished off with dinner at Anthony's at Point Defiance! Who doesn't love fresh fish and chips!

Enjoying Tacoma!

Neither of us had been to the museum of glass and it was so cool to watch come glass blowing, see the exhibits and enjoy each other for the evening!

Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday with her choice of pizza, beer and cake at their house! We had a house full of people and it was so much fun! Now any gathering consists of my whole family (parents, Amy, Zach and Violet, Ann, Mike, Lucas and Jordan, Julia, Jeff and Wyatt and Brett and I and baby in belly. We also usually have the Millers which includes new niece Mabel and all the dogs and last night we even had Jeff's cousin Melissa, her husband Clark and their two kids from Oregon!) It is so much fun being around the whole family and lets just say we are getting good at entertaining for at least 10-15 people each night!!
Mom and Dad on her big day! She got everything she wanted including a new food processor to replace hers that is 20 years old!

Cute little niece Mabel! She is about 6 weeks now! I got some good baby practice time with her last night!

Thanks for checking in on us! All is well thankfully!

Love, B and K


Karissa@Withourbest said...

First, you are truly adorable, and Brett and baby are lucky to have you!
Second, Brett congrats on the job!! I am so happy for you guys!
Third, the baby room looks great, your house looks so cute!
Fourth and final... You guys are going to be excellent parents, especially with your laid back style and genuine loving hearts.
We miss you SOOOO! DK

Kisma said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats to Brett on the awesome job!!!

The house looks amazing and so warm and comfy!

You look great and I am so excited for you and Brett!