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Monday, January 2, 2012

 Trevi's Life--8 weeks

 Her neck is getting stronger!!

 Practicing holding with her Sophie!

 Happy girl!

 Loving her monkey jammies Grandma got her for Christmas!

 Sunrise at Trevi's house!

 Her other Sophie

 just lounging!

 Paying in the tub with her ball! Thanks Auntie Norrine!

 Sunrise on her 8 week bday!

When asking her how she felt about being 8 weeks old this is the response I got!! I guess she is happy about it!


Kisma said...

She's getting big!!!! Love it.
Happy New Year!!!!

Bob Heacox said...

Great Christmas photos and we're glad you got the SD media out of your computer. Trevi's a real heart throb!