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Friday, January 27, 2012


 Not sure we can repeat this on command but here is proof that she has rolled over!

 First shopping trip to the mall with Dad... This is how I feel about it too!! :)
Don't get me wrong, we love hanging out with him he is just so darn indecisive....

 Found her hands! They are constantly in her mouth and consequently she is gagging herself a lot...  She'll learn eventually!
 Don't worry, Pete still exists!

 Find Trevi!

 First bumbo experience!

 A little wobbly but she sure liked it!

"Hey, what's that bright light always flashing in my eyes?"

Trevi is going to be 12 weeks on Monday!  She feels so big and seems to be doing something new everyday!  As you can see she can roll over (from stomach to back, sort of), she is sitting up much better (with assistance from the chair), she found her hands and is either sucking on them or staring very intently at them, she loves loves loves to stand and she is still smiling soooooooo much!  She even smiles at strangers now!  Thanks for checking in on us!!!

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