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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend!

Most people are camping, partying at the lake, spending the weekend sleeping or catching up on errands!  Trevi and I have been having so much fun! First, we had a sleep over with Memphis and then we gave Mister Sammy, the guinea pig, back his owner, but not without a little more fun!

 Trevi and Memphis pre-ice cream at Kelly's!

 Post- ice cream! Bri joined in on some cousin horsey rides!

 at the park after an early morning wake up!
Trevi is an early riser and Memphis, well, she is not.  Sorry Memphis!

 Playing together!
Heaven forbid just one kid is on a toy :)

 Trevi preparing for the Olympics balance beam! she may need some more practice!

 playing at the beach!

 collecting rocks!

 her and baby checking out the bird bath!

 Oh Sammy!

 feeding Sammy a snack!

 more grapes please!

 nice close up shot from Brett!

 This is pretty typical at our house!

 he may or may not take her around the neighborhood in the wheel barrel!

 chocolate cake! Thanks for having a birthday Grandma!

 drinking in the shower!

 hahaha. really getting after it!

 post shower Sammy play time

 Sammy and friends!

 future circus girl!

 no hands!

 girls and carts!

 she loves loves loves strollers!

 dinner time! Sorry Erica, there are no pictures of Memphis not stuffing her face :)


 much needed bath time!


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