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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Westport Fun!

First, let me start off by saying in all my years going to Westport and that is a lot because I have been going since a kid, I cannot remember sun let along even a clear day.  But shorts and a t-shirt and playing on the beach in Westport, unheard of!!! So, considering my past with Westport this weekend was awesome and so much fun! Our friends invited us to enjoy their parents condo which was right on the beach and minutes from town with a pool, hot tub and a little park so our weekend was unbeatable! Plus, they let our 2 year old tag along whom they even bought presents and special food items for! Such a good friends!

 T's Ariel doll she received as gift from Chris and Kelly

 Petting Sterrance the bulldog!

 He was so good with her!

 Wearing Uncle Chris' boots!


 Our beautiful view! Clear skies and the sun was out!

 Shorts at the beach on the WA coast! Whoa!

 beach combing!


 classic Daddy photo!

 So high!

 Daddy fun!


 He is so gentle with her!


 balance beam!

 daddy daughter!

 Daddy and his silly moves!

 he completes it!

 Forging the trail back!

 Favorite moments to capture!

 Our sunset!

Brett enjoying the sunset and good friends!


Kelly Teitzel said...

Such great pictures!

Kisma said...

Awesome pictures! BTW- want your weather back?? CO has been really soggy this week and it's getting old.

The sun is peaking out but they are calling yet again for more rain this weekend.