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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NYC was awesome! We ate so much good food! Like literally the best dishes of my life! We walked a ton, rode the subway, used water taxis, rode on boats and explored everything which made Manhattan feel so small! We window walked down Madison Ave where the window displays are incredible! We even did a little shopping which I actually enjoyed! I got a new perfume from Anthropologie, coconut milk mango. It's divine! All in all it was such a fun trip! 

This little bakery in Chelsea Market had the cutest cookies! Kitty cookies!

Hippo cookies! 

We rode the Staten Island ferry one day so we could go past the Statue of Liberty! It was beautiful! I may have fallen alseep on the ferry ride at one point from being so tired :)

My occasional pregnancy indulgence! Don't judge! 

A super cute frenchie pup in the park! She was so friendly!

It amazes me how long the subway platforms are!

Here comes our ride!

Some seriously good pizza from Eataly! Ricotta and squash!

Yes, I love to travel and explore but I also love a good nap on a sunny deck! I came home to beautiful weather and a daughter who took a 3+ hour nap!!! After being gone for over a month it is nice to be home and the sun is sure an added bonus! 

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