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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Harvey is officially 2 weeks old today! It was so strange for his due date to come and go yeaterday and here I sit with a 2 week old baby! I am so thankful for his early arrival! He is sweet, relaxed, happy and one cool little man! 
Happy 2 weeks little man!  We love life with you!

Trevi was patiently waiting for his cord stump to fall off so we could give him a bath! She was such a good little helper!

She liked helping!

At the park checking in on her little buddy!

Why get a double stroller when Trevi will ride down below. By the way, this was her choice!

Enjoy newborn cuddles for a long as possible!

I am happy to report I have lots of good quality milk!

Grocery shopping buddy!

Daddy giving him a little pep talk before his circumcision.

Sleeping off a big morning at the dr office. 

His stats:
2 weeks appt
-20 3/4 inches long
-7lb 12 ounces
-36 cm head 
-Eats every 3 hours on the dot(day&night)
-Circumcision successful
-sleeps in his crib which is in our closet until we get to Pittsburg where he'll have a room of his own! 

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