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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harvey Nash Teodoro has arrived!

Our little man (though we didn't know he was a little man until he got here) decided to arrive 2 weeks early!! His momma is one happy girl to have him out, here and in my arms! Our family is complete!
Waiting to find out if my water did in fact break. I was skeptical only because I wanted it to be true so bad! It was! 

Moments after the little man arrived! Only 20 minutes of pushing versus 2.5 with Trevi! Both were well worth it ;)

Our little buddy! Born at 739pm at St. Joe's in Tacoma!

He has stayed this peaceful so far!

7lb 5 oz and 18 inches long! 

Brother and sister meeting! She was a bit overwhelmed by the situation considering it was 2 hours past her bedtime and mommy was in a hospital bed. 

Daddy is in love with the little man!

Enjoying some cuddles!

He is a peaceful little guy! 

Checking out her baby brother. Although I don't think she understood who he was at this point.

Who does he look like??? Trust me... Him and Trevi are baby twins!

Headed home to start our family of 4!!

I'm Excited to see Trevi after being away and all she wants to do is see Harvey!

One tired daddy

After our first night! Someone's excited!

Soaking up our last PNW for awhile!

Morning cuddles for the boys!

She's an awesome big sister so far! Helpful, interested, gentle, loving, concerned and happy to have a little friend! 

Our family! If only we could get the toddler to stop picking her noise we could maybe get a decent family picture!

After word unf 2 days with grandpa and grandma! :)

Who's foot is bigger?!?

Cool dude!

While we were in the hospital my dad took 5 of the 8 grand kids up to crystal mountain for lunch and a gondola ride! Check out the view they got! 

Riding up the gondola! Trevi looks a little concerned.

Kiddos at the top!

Trevi also got the royal treatment while with grandma and grandpa: evening biscotti and warm milk!

It's been an amazing few days! Our little guy is 3 days old. It's been a little tough in all this heat (he just wants to sleep and ends up eating at night a lot) but so far he is very sweet and quiet! I'm sure that will all change in a few days when he wakes up a little. Trevi is a perfect big sister and I'm so proud of her! Brett's back at work for 2 nights so we'll see how I do on my own for a few days. 

As of now... Life is good!

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