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Monday, January 5, 2015

Trevi's first bike ride and more!

We've been dying for some snow in the super cold weather and thankfully this morning the snow God's finally listened! We got a small dusting and hoping for more!

Finally respecting the cold weather with scarves, gloves and beanies!

She was so proud of the outfit she picked out all by herself!

This little guy is slowly working on sitting up

and well... he loves his giraffe!

and his milk!

Brett took Trevi on her first bike ride and Brett said she did great!
Usually it is Brett chasing her but this time he got to ride his bike at the same time!

She rode well over 2 miles to Target and back and it only took them 2 hours! ;)

These two have some really fun adventures!


staying off the streets a little and going through some shops and parking lots!

All locked up... hahahaha! Seeing her tiny bike next to Brett's is hysterical!

morning snow!

happy and hoping for more!

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Tiffany Maytum said...

Kate! It's been so wonderful to see your cuties grow up! Here's wishing you all a happy New year!!!