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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Babies are growing and we're having some fun this holiday season!

Some epic stamping!

We had 2 kitty friends visit for a week over Christmas! Trevi was pretty much in heaven!

an interesting eating pose!

Following the kitty everywhere she goes! 

Hi little man!

We found another dinosaur! Pittsburgh sure has lots of them!

Helping me make sugar cookies

she was super good and patient while rolling out the dough

proud of her snowflakes

watching them bake!

Christmas outfit for Christmas eve service! Thanks Auntie Norrine!

Activity center

Zoo day!

Waiting for the penguins to come out and march

family photo

She specifically chose her penguin shirt for the penguin parade!

Here they come! It was hysterical and sooooooo worth the crowd!

levetating baby!

such a man! cleaning the litter box so I don't have to!

Hawks fans are everywhere!

working on sitting up

feeding is one messy job!

Bus ride to the library!

still no rolling but he sure loves his toys!

yet, he can sort of sit on his own....

playing while I bake for our New Years Eve sleep over at the Sepulveda's!

eating in a big boy high chair!

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